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 Mo,22 Apr 2024, 11:50 am
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I am planning on hiking 5-6 days between June 8, 2017 and June 14, 2017 - I am hiking with my son-in-law.

Both of us are fairly athletic --- last month we hiked (in hot weather) in a single day 30 km over moderately rough

terrain with a 1300 meter elevation gain.

Can we do various stages of the "The long crossing from north to south on the Lofoten Islands" (11 stage)?

Which ones are the best ones? (I am probably flying into Svolvaer airport but will leave via ferry from Reinie).

I understand that one cannot predict the weather for the next 3 weeks, but was this year a snowy winter or a dry one?

Will I be able to hike above 800 meters? (we are not bringing snow shoes or crampons -- only very good hiking boots)

We will bring our own tent/food/sleeping bags but will not rent a car -- we are, however, prepared for one taxi ride out of Svolvaer airport to wherever we should start.

Any info would be VERY helpful.

Many Thanks!


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Sa,13 Mai 2017, 7:12 pm

Hello Marc,

It sounds like you are qualified to hike some of the stages of the long crossing of the Lofoten. In order to avoid troubles, you should skip the four first stages, which might still be covered of snow in some places. If I was you, I would start the trek at the beginning of stage 4, more exactly at Vikjorden (to avoid walking on the paved road). You should not meet any major problem on Vestvågøya islands. Flakstadøya will be ok to, since the trail is at sea level. If you reach Moskenesøya, you will probably meet some snow on stage 9 and 10, but nothing big enough to stop you.

Hiking boots are sufficient for the stages describe above (from 4 to 11) at this time of the year.

Have a nice trek on the Islands!

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Fr,3 Mai 2013, 5:06 am

Thank you David! It all looks so fantastic I cannot wait to get up there.

I notice that you did not mention the summit of Hermanndalstinden (an optional side-trip on Stage 10).

I imagine that I could include Hermanndalstinden if this were a late July or August hike -- I assume that in mid-June it's too dangerous (wet + snowy)

and I very much respect this.

My question is -- could this be done with a professional guide? (one day hike to the summit of Hermanndalstinden). Or would it still be too dangerous

If this could be done with a guide, how could I find such a guide?


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Sa,13 Mai 2017, 7:12 pm

As long as the summit is covered with snow it is, in my opinion, dangerous to go up to Hermanndalstinden. There is a high risk of avalanches and rock slide and I don't think any serious guide will take you there under those circumstances.

Have a safe trip in the Lofoten

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Fr,3 Mai 2013, 5:06 am

THANK you David -- I will keep off of Hermanndalstinden due to the high risk of avalanches!

With your permission, I have a few more questions -- I APOLOGIZE for the large number of questions!! (but I hope that the answers are useful to many readers and not just to me)

Question A -- I have 5 free days. I am considering either 4 days in Western Lofoten (probably all on Moskenesøya) plus a single day on climbing Møysalen (I would then fly from

Leknes) OR 5 full days in Western Lofoten only. The climb to Møysalen looks amazing but it's somewhat expensive since I would need a private guide. I love climbs in the snow but would never never do anything risky. Does it make since to invest the time and expense to go to Møysalen -- or will stages 9-10 give me the 'excitement' of climbing in the snow with amazing views. If Møysalen is 'more of the same' it does not make sense -- if is really unique, then it definitely makes sense.

What do you advise? [I apologize for not making this a separate topic -- I had a hard time with the interface]

Question B -- either way , I am taking 4-5 days in Western Lofoten. Assuming 4 days of 'hard' trekking (8-12 hours a day)

On Day 1 I would do stage 8 (can I get a taxi to Ramberg from Leknes or from Å-i-Lofoten ? Is it about USD $100 or more?) or possibly some of stage 7 and all of stage 8.

On Day 2 I would do stage 9

So on DAY 3 I would do stage 10.

On DAY 4 I would do stage 11 (Day 4 might be a short day -- on Day 3 could I do all of stage 10 + some of stage 11?)

Question C -- It seems like Stage 11 ends at Å-i-Lofoten -- does that mean Stage 11 ends precisely at the 'ferry boat' location?

Question D -- It seems like these stages skip over Reine -- do I need to budget extra time or see Reine? Do I get to see Reine from above?

NOTE -- I understand that I am trying to walk a lot in a short time -- please bear in mind that in my hi-tech job I am stuck in front of a computer all and I can't wait to get out into nature and enjoy the long long walks. That's how I recharge -- 6-7 hours of hiking a day just doesn't "do it" for me (especially when there are 20+ hours of daylight)

MANY THANKS (and I do plan on buying the book from but I hope it's in English and can be delivered to USA)

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Sa,13 Mai 2017, 7:12 pm


the book is now translated in English and can be shipped to the USA from

Here is a link with "how to order" on the French Amazon for non French speakers:



113 0
Di,16 Apr 2013, 12:24 pm
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