The long crossing from north to south on the Lofoten Islands


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The MS Fjordskyss boat(, which is suposed to link Reine to Vindstad, Kjerkfjord and Forsfjord has some time "dificulties" to stop at Forsfjord power station.
Since it is also possible to walk from Vindstad to Forsfjord, we have decide to give you the GPX track for this part (only in french), in case the boat driver is too tired to drive you to Forsfjord that day ;-)

Since Rando-Lofoten was founded a certain number of visitors have told us they would be interested in a trekking itinerary that crosses the archipelago from one end to the other. Crossing a region from north to south or east to west often enables travellers to set themselves a goal when faced with the unknown. But over and above the physical or psychological challenge we believe it is important to remember that hiking is above all about discovery and enjoyment.

In drawing up the following itinerary we gave ourselves the following goals:

  • To avoid missing the most iconic places on the islands
  • To avoid tarmacked sections of road wherever possible
  • To hike as often as possible within easy reach of supply points (shops, petrol stations) to avoid having to carry an enormous rucksack!

Lastly, this itinerary is not the only possible one. Many of the hikes on the Rando-Lofoten site do not lie directly on the route of this crossing but are easily accessible if you branch off, provided you have the time and inclination. The duration/distance of the stages we propose here is only a suggestion based on a reasonable level of fitness and decent weather, but it may be adapted to your own criteria. If you decide to camp you can pitch your tent virtually anywhere on the islands, provided of course that you comply with the regulations in force. Although water supplies are to be found everywhere at all stages, you will find relatively few food stores on the route. We have made a note of all the food supply points on this itinerary (shops, restaurants, petrol stations) that existed in 2014. To avoid disappointment, once you get there you should, however, check the opening times of these supply points when you leave each stage for the next.

Remember that Rando-Lofoten is above all a participatory site and any suggestions to improve this itinerary, either in the forum or by email, are welcome.

Enjoy your hike!

Crossing the Lofoten Islands in 11 stages

160km and 9,193 m uphill


Island of Austvågøya

Stage No. 1 – Delp/Sandsletta

View over the plateau leading to Matmora Departure: hamlet of Delp (N68 24.065 E14 30.171)
Arrival: hamlet of Sandsletta (N68 20.163 E14 29.907)
Distance: 12.8 km
Duration of hike: 5 h
Uphill: 927 m
Camping: possible everywhere
Campsite near the point of arrival: Sandsletta campsite (N68 20.163 E14 29.907) inexpensive and good service.
Supply point(s): Sandsletta campsite (small convenience store + restaurant).
Note: It is a good idea to do your shopping in Svolvaer.

12.8 km, 05:39:55


Stage No. 2 – Sandsletta/Svolvaer

Haugen near Sandsletta Departure: hamlet of Sandsletta (N68 20.163 E14 29.907)
Arrival: near Svolvær (N68 14.646 E14 32.094)
Distance: 13 km
Duration of hike: 6 h
Uphill: 697 m
Camping: possible everywhere
Campsite near the point of arrival: Lofoten Feriesenter (N68 14.879 E14 32.939) high prices and poor service.
Supply point(s): Sandsletta campsite, small convenience store + restaurant. Svolvær, several shopping centres and shops in the town centre - N68 14.045 E14 33.690. Caution: there is nowhere to buy supplies in any of the next three stages.
Nearby hikes: Rundfjellet (Only for registerd users).

12.9 km, 21:50:39


Stage No. 3 – Svolvaer/Kleppstad

Near de Svolvaer Departure: near Svolvaer (N68 14.646 E14 32.094)
Arrival: hamlet of Kleppstad (N68 15.554 E14 16.666)
Distance: 17.3 km
Duration of hike: 8 h
Uphill: 644 m
Camping: possible everywhere
Campsite near the point of arrival: None
Supply point(s): None
Nearby hikes:Tjeldbergtinden (Only for registerd users).

17.3 km, 03:42:46


Island of Vestvågøya

Stage No. 4 – Vikjorda/Lake of Store Krenggårsvatnet

Note: in order to get to the starting point of this stage you have to cross 14 km of tarmacked road that cannot be avoided of which 6.3 km on the main E10 road and 6.5 km on the minor 815 road. It’s not much fun walking on the road and we recommend you try to hitchhike, particularly along the stretch of the E10 road that is quite busy in summer and therefore potentially dangerous. The 6.5 km stretch along the 815, from the second bridge, is far less busy and may therefore be walked.
Behind Vikjorda Departure: hamlet of Vikjorda (N68 13.631 E14 04.605)
Arrival: Lake of Store Krenggårsvatnet (N68 11.219 E13 45.426)
Distance: 19.5 km (not including the section of tarmacked road)
Duration of hike: 7 h (not including the section of tarmacked road)
Uphill: 1,392 m
Camping: possible everywhere but there is a well-equipped cabin, which is freely accessible, near the lake of Store Krenggårsvatnet (or Store Kringlebotnsvatnet depending on which map you consult)
Campsite near the point of arrival: None
Supply point(s): None
Nearby hikes:Vikjordstinden, Trolldalstinden, Blåtinden, Kartstaven (Only for registerd users).

19.6 km, 01:24:14


Stage No. 5 - Lake of Store Krenggårsvatnet/town centre of Leknes

Note: This is the final stage on the island of Vestvågøya. As it is relatively short it’s a good idea to buy supplies in Leknes (the largest town on the islands) and find means of transport to cross the second stretch of the road that is not hiker-friendly but connects Leknes to the village of Napp on the island of Flakstadøya. This stretch of the E10 covers a distance of 13.5 km and includes a section of highway and a tunnel under the sea that is prohibited to pedestrians!

There are two ways of getting to the village of Napp: either hitchhiking or by bus. The bus leaves from near the Statoil petrol station in the town centre (N68 08.911 E13 36.783). When you reach Napp take the little road on the left and walk approximately 800 m to the wharf south of the port. The trail begins from the wharf (N68 07.744 E13 26.278) and you will soon find a number of quiet spots to camp along the coast.

Special Notice: Thanks to an unfriendly farmer who did not appreciate to see a few hikers’ crossing his property we have decided to propose you a new trail for stage 5. The last part of the route has been modified and it is now better, although a bit longer, then the previous one ;-)
The part starting from Hagskaret pass has a nice and easy trail all the way to the road 997 (Fygle – Ramsvika)

View towards Kartstaven Departure: Lake of Store Krenggårsvatnet (N68 11.219 E13 45.426)
Arrival: Rema 100 super market, Leknes (N68 08.684 E13 37.265)
Distance: 11 km
Duration of hike: 3.30 h
Uphill: 221 m
Camping: complicated around the town of Leknes but anywhere you like from the village of Napp.
Campsite near the point of arrival: None
Supply point(s): town of Leknes, the last real supply point for the next two stages!
Nearby hikes:Justadtinden, Slettheia, Guratinden (Only for registerd users).

10.6 km, 19:59:25


Island of Flakstadøya

Stage No. 6 – hamlet of Napp/hamlet of Nusfjord

Sordalsvatnet halfway along the stage

Departure: car park at the end of the wharf in Napp (N68 07.744 E13 26.278)
Arrival: hamlet of Nusfjord (N68 02.056 E13 20.891)
Distance: 17.6 km
Duration of hike: 8 h
Uphill: 953 m
Campsite: continue for roughly 800 m after the village of Nusfjord, you’ll find a number of spots to camp at the beginning of the trail to Nesland (N68 01.765 E13 20.952).
Campsite near the point of arrival: None
Supply point(s): small shop (very expensive) in the village of Nusfjord open only in the high season. A café/restaurant is also open in the high season near the wharfs (expensive).
Nearby hikes:Stornappstinden, Store Klauva, Hestraeva, Nesheia (Only for registerd users).

17.5 km, 15:14:56


Stage No. 7 – hamlet of Nusfjord/Village of Ramberg

Note: accessing the village of Ramberg adds approximately 3 km (round trip) to the route to the south of the Lofoten. But Ramberg is also the only place you can buy supplies for the next two stages. The little Bunnpris shopping centre in the centre of the village is not only reasonably priced for Norway, it also offers a wide range of goods.
Nusfjord Departure: near the hamlet of Nusfjord (N68 01.765 E13 20.952)
Arrival: near the village of Ramberg (N68 04.469 E13 12.468)
Distance: 19.7 km
Duration of hike: 7 h
Uphill: 446 m
Camping: if you want to camp during this stage, leave Ramberg and follow the E10 towards Fredvang. You will find sites before the bridges where you can pitch your tent.
Campsite near the point of arrival: Ramberg Gjestegård campsite (N68 05.567 E13 13.967)
Supply point(s): Bunnpris shopping centre (open all year round - N68 05.377 E13 13.692). You will also find a little café (Friisgården) in the centre of the village as well as a perfectly acceptable café/restaurant at the campsite in Ramberg. Caution, there is nowhere to buy supplies in the next two stages.
Nearby hikes:Tonsåsheia (Only for registerd users). 

19.6 km, 01:59:39


Island of Moskenesøya

Stage No. 8 – Near Ramberg/Selfjord Bay

Note: You have to cross the bridges leading to Fredvang at the beginning of this stage and take a section of tarmacked road for approximately 4 km (including the bridges). There is not usually much traffic on this road.

Baie de Kvalvika

Departure: near the village of Ramberg (N68 04.469 E13 12.468)
Arrival: Selfjord Bay (N68 02.189 E13 04.309)
Distance: 17.5 km
Duration of hike: 7 h
Uphill: 902 m
Camping: possible everywhere
Campsite near the point of arrival: None
Supply point(s): None
Nearby hikes:Volandstinden, Moltinden, Kitinden (Only for registerd users).

17.5 km, 08:26:39


Stage No. 9 – Selfjord Bay / Forsfjorden Fjord

Note: Caution this stage involves crossing the fjord of Reine by boat from Kjerkfjorden to Forsfjorden (approximately 20 min). The boat only does the crossing once a day during the high season, usually leaving Kjerkfjorden around 3 p.m. It is important to enquire about departure times beforehand at You should also be aware that Forsfjorden is only a request stop and you should make it clear this is your destination when you get into the boat.

To the end of Selfjord (Lofoten - Norway)

Departure: Selfjorden Bay (N68 02.189 E13 04.309)
Arrival: Little hill behind the Forsfjorden hydroelectric plant (N67 56.030 E12 58.770)
Distance: 11 km
Duration of hike: 5 h
Uphill: 1,165 m
Camping: possible everywhere. Ideally, to see the fine view and be able to camp on dry, flat ground you should climb to the top of the hill (448 m) between the lakes of Krokvatnet and Tennesvatnet. This campsite is approximately a 45-minute walk from the landing-stage at Tennesvatnet.
Campsite near the point of arrival: None
Supply point(s): None
Nearby hikes:Tverrfjellet (Only for registerd users).


9.1 km, n/a

1.7 km, 01:39:57


Stage No. 10 – Hill 448 above Forsfjorden / Å-i-Lofoten (on the shores of the lake of Agvatnet)

Note: This stage takes you across the top of Munkan from where you can enjoy the magnificent view. Starting from your campsite at point 448 m you can also make a slight detour by climbing Hermanndalstinden, the highest peak on the island of Moskenesøya. If you take this option you should allow for approximately 3½ hours more walking. (See the guide-book for this hike). This stage includes part of the E10 road which is hiker-friendly between Sørvågen and Å-i-Lofoten (2.5 km).

Top of the hill to the foot of Hermanndalstinden (Lofoten - Norway)

Departure: Hill 448m behind the Forsfjorden hydroelectric plant (N67 56.030 E12 58.770)
Arrival: near the lake of Agvatnet (N67 53.211 E12 57.873)
Distance: 13.2 km
Duration of hike: 6 h
Uphill: 794 m
Camping: possible everywhere on the shores of the lake of Ågvatnet
Campsite near the point of arrival: None
Supply point(s): Two small supermarkets in the village of Sørvågen (N67 53.392 E13 01.242 - N67 53.482 E13 01.552) as well as a café/restaurant (Maren Anna - N67 53.376 E13 01.447) on the wharf. There is a little convenience store in the village of Å-i-Lofoten (very expensive! - N67 52.781 E12 59.036) and a café/restaurant near the landing-stage that is open during the high season.
Nearby hikes:Hermandalstinden, Støvla, Tindstinden (Only for registerd users).

13.2 km, 22:51:16


Stage No. 11 – Lake of Ågvatnet / Bay of Stokkvika / village of Å-i-Lofoten

Bay of Stokkvika to the south of the Lofoten Islands (Norway)

Departure: near the lake of Ågvatnet – right bank (N67 53.211 E12 57.873)
Arrival: near the village of Å-i-Lofoten (N67 52.635 E12 58.677)
Distance: 12.5 km
Duration of hike: 6 h
Uphill: 1,117 m
Camping: possible everywhere
Campsite near the point of arrival: None
Supply point(s): A-i-Lofoten

12.3 km, 10:58:18


How to get to the start of stages 1, 2, 6 and 11?


Watch out: In Norway like elsewhere, bus schedules can be modified. It is important that you check the information given her, before jumping into the first bus!

All bus schedule for Lofoten and Vesterålen can be found here

On the website:

By calling: 177 (only from Norway)


Get to the starting point of “stage 1”: Delp

If you don’t want to try your luck with hitchhiking you can take the following buses

Take the line 18-749 from Svolvær in direction of Liland, stop at Jordness Kryss (20 min). Wait there and take the bus 18-733 in direction of Laukvik, then stop at Straumsnes Vest. Walk until the start of the hike.


- Outside holiday periods: from 01/02 to 19/06 (excepted weeks 8 and 12) and from 22/08 to 30/01 (excepted week 52)

Line 18-749
Svolvær sentrum / Jordnes kryss

Line 18-733
Jordnes kryss / Straumsnes vest


- During summer holidays: from 20/06 to 21/08

Ligne 18-733
Svolvær sentrum / Delp


Get to the starting point of “stage 4”: Vikjorda

There again, if you don’t feel for hitchhiking, take the following buses from Svolvaer

1) If you are ready to walk a few kilometers on an asphalted road with little traffic (from Sundklall to Vikjorda), take the line 18-741 from Svolvaer center in the direction of Leknes and ask the bus driver to drop you just after Sundklakk’s bridge. Then walk along the paved road 815 until the hamlet of Vikjorda


- Outside holiday periods: from 01/02 to 19/06 (excepted weeks 8 and 12) and from 22/08 to 30/01 (excepted week 52)

Ligne 18-741 (Winter - Autumn)
Svolvær sentrum / Sundklall


-During summer holidays: from 20/06 to 21/08

Line 18-741
Svolvær sentrum / Sundklakk



2) If you wish to take the bus all the way to Vikjorda you need to go though Leknes.

Take the line 18-741 to Leknes, then the line 18-763 from Leknes to Vikjorda. In this case you will have to wait 1h40 in Leknes between the two buses. This is a good opportunity to do some shopping ;-)


- Outside holiday periods: from 01/02 to 19/06 (excepted weeks 8 and 12) and from 22/08 to 30/01 (excepted week 52)

Ligne 18-741 (Winter - Autumn)
Svolvær sentrum / Leknes sentrum  (1h40 waiting time)

Line 18-763
Leknes sentrum / Vikjorda


-During summer holidays: from 20/06 to 21/08

Line 18-741
Svolvær sentrum / Leknes sentrum

Line 18-763
Leknes sentrum / Vikjorda : (No bus during the weekend)


Get to the starting point of “stage 6”: Napp (from Leknes)

There again, if you don’t feel for hitchhiking, take the following bus from Leknes.

Notice: You cannot walk from Leknes to Napp, since you will have to cross an under sea tunnel which is not advisable for pedestrian. So take the line 18-742 or 23-760 in direction of Å-i-Lofoten and get out of the bus at Napp Ost.


- Outside holiday’s period: from 01/02 to 19/06 (excepted weeks 8 and 12) and from 22/08 to 30/01 (excepted week 52)

Line 18-742
Leknes sentrum / Napp Ost

Line 23-760
Leknes sentrum / Napp Ost


- Summer holidays: from 20/06 to 21/08

Line 18-742
Leknes sentrum / Napp Ost

Line 23-760
Leknes sentrum / Napp Ost


Leave the Lofoten after the “stage 11”: Å-i-Lofoten

How to reach the ferry at Moskenes

You can walk along the road E10 (about 5 km) or take the bus 18-742 which goes to Leknes and stop at Moskenes harbor.

How to reach Leknes (airport)

Take the line 18-742 or 23-760 from Å-i-Lofoten to Leknes sentrum, then walk to the airport (10 min) or take a taxi.

How to reach Stamsund (Costal express – Hurtigruten)

Take the line 18-742 or 23-760 from Å-i-Lofoten to Leknes sentrum, then change bus at Leknes and take line 18-767 to Stamsund. Stop at “Stamsund kai”

Charger commentaire précèdent
  • Hi Mie,
    Although it is not advisable to carry such heavy bags it is possible to do this trek with such a load but it depend on your physical condition of course and your experience of difficult terrain. You should be specially careful on stage 3, and if you can, get rid of some unnecessary kg ;-)

    0 Aime
  • Hi,
    According to actual winter 2018 time table of line 18-733 and line 18-749 it seems that in this year something changed and that actually on the same day there is NO bus connection from Svolvær to Delp, but only to Laukvik (three buses between 15:00 and 15:50) or am I wrong?

    0 Aime
  • Invité (Matteo)


    Do you think it would be possible to do the full trek in 7 days?, possibly by doing 2 sections on one day to save time. I am thinking to do in June so I guess I could hike at any time during the day due to constant daylight. Alternatively, which half do you think is more scenic?

    0 Aime
  • For the second part of your question, it is impossible to say, because the all trek is very scenic, but one thing is certain the first part (north part) is the most difficult, so if you want to hurry it is best to do the south part of this trek (from Vikjorda for exemple)

    0 Aime
  • Invité (Matteo)

    En réponse à: David Admin

    Thank you for the feedback, in this case would you suggest I base myself in the south to do a 3 day multi hike then in the North for similar length of time? I am reluctant to rent a car as I will be travelling solo and cost will be too high. I will be visiting for total 8 days on the island.

    0 Aime
  • If you are a trailer it is possible, but I think it will have no interest to do so because the reason to be there is to admire and enjoy the fantastic landscape of the Islands. The trek is already judge by many has a very difficult trek in 11 days...

    0 Aime
  • Hi. I understand this is a hike for camping and campers, no guesthouse or rorbu on the way (except in the towns maybe) ?
    Thanks for all the details and gpx files anyway.

    0 Aime
  • Invité (Frits)

    Here an overview map:

    Feel free to copy, it is just the gpx data in the google maps engine.

    2 Aime
  • Invité (Ellen Maes)

    Thank you very much for all this detailed information! It looks great!:)

    0 Aime
  • Invité (Lina)

    Why not hire a car from Svolvaer (if it there you are landing)? Or take a bus? This is only the description of a 11 days trek. Were is the fun in traveling if every thing is organized and explained, and you have nothing to find out ourself ?:p

    0 Aime
  • Invité (Martin Jamar)

    Hello, how can I go to Delp ? Me and my friend will need to take a plane and you didn't mention any way from and to the airport. Thanks in advance !

    0 Aime
  • Hi David, thanks for your advice. I have got no experience using a GPS, but maybe I'll find it out towards our trip. That's why we would plan to do some shorter hikes, to avoid getting behind on schedule. We're going to hike in july so extreme snow will be no problem I suppose :)

    0 Aime
  • Invité (Dmitry)

    I did hike in early January from Svolvaer to Leknes using these GPX files. It is a tough hike, I had to use crampons and ice axe on the first pass. Not much snow on the rest of the route, lots of dirt. I guess the conditions are different in different years, this winter was abnormal as per locals.

    0 Aime
  • Alright, thank you very much. I would like to go hiking the Lofoten with my girlfriend. Our physicial condition is quite good since we do a lot of sports (athletics), but we're no experienced hikers so I wondered which times would apply for us. I think we'll do rather some shorter hikes.

    0 Aime
  • Hei,
    If you are not experienced hikers the difficulty might be to find your path though the wilderness, and this might take you a little more time than for an experience hiker. If you know how to use a GPS I will advise you to download the track files from the site and use them during the walks.

    0 Aime
  • They are real walking times including short breaks. They have been done by trained hikers, so they are there to give you an idea of the time you will need, but some might go slower or quicker.

    0 Aime
  • Are these stage durations real walking times or are they estimations? Do they include breaks, lunch time etc.? Thanks

    0 Aime
  • Invité (Dmitry)

    Thank you for detailed information of this long distance hike in Lofoten islands! Is it possible to do this trip in winter conditions - as a hike? is snowshoes/crampons/ice axe required for that route. I understand it is too steep to ski?

    0 Aime
  • It is strongly advisable to take the boat. If you do a search on the forum you will find some post on that subject :)
    Have a nice walk

    0 Aime
  • Invité (Chris Fillion)

    Hi there, thanks for the great site! My girlfriend and I are going to do the long crossing in October and I was wondering if it's necessary to "cross the fjord of Reine by boat" or is it possible to hike west of the fjord?

    0 Aime
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