From July 1st to July the 14th 2019

14 days with 160 km walk and 9,500 m difference in altitude

Trek in autonomy, organized and guided by the creators of

Grande Traversée des Lofoten - Trek 2019

Participation cost 390 €/person

Why such a trek?

It's been five years now that we have set up - and improved - the route of the “Great Crossing of the Lofoten Islands” (GCL). Since, hundreds of brave hikers have engaged on this extraordinary adventure, alone or in small groups, and brought back unforgettable experiences. But most people have only dreamed of it and haven't dared to take the plunge, because of the real difficulties of this route.

As mountain guides (knowing the islands very well) we are aware that this kind of trek is not within everyone's reach. In order to face the difficulties of the terrain, you can only rely on your own physical and psychological skills; they should allow you to hike in mountainous terrain with 10 -15 kg of equipment on your back for 13 days.

For those that have the physical condition, but do not want to be alone on this exceptional route, we are proposing our guiding services during the 14 days of this trek.
In addition to guiding you through the mountains, we will provide in forehand all the useful information you'll need to organize the trip.

Finally, we believe that sharing this experience within a group of hikers, in addition to the security that it brings, can be a rewarding experience of solidarity and sharing.

Is this trek for me?

It is indispensable to have a (very) good physical condition in order to overcome the difficulties you’ll have to face on the field and being able to carry a quite heavy backpack during 13 days. It is equally important to have good psychological resistance to endure the often changing weather conditions and the somewhat uncomfortable bivouac conditions. For this, it is essential to have some real experience in mountain hiking beforehand.

In order to be fit enough for this trek, we recommend regular training in an endurance sport (such as cycling, jogging…), i.e.: running 3 times a week (for 45-60 min, on varied terrain). You will also have to test your own performances and the quality of your equipment (tent, backpack...) by going on a few 2 to 3 day-long mountain hikes/treks with your backpack (8 - 10 kg for women and 12 - 15 kg for men). You should not have any contraindications to mountain hiking: such as chronic knees ankles or reeds problems. Finally and above all to achieve this trek; it is essential to bring with you a great dose of optimism and your good mood.

All these conditions are necessary so that you get pleasure out of this trek, and not unnecessary suffering...

Finally, even if it sometimes implies surpassing oneself, the idea of this trek is above all to discover the beauty of the islands and not to realize a purely physical performance. For those that are looking for pure performance or physical prowess: you might be unsatisfied on this trek.

Practical organization

The trek is in autonomy. This means that you’ll have to carry with you your equipment and your food, all along the trek. Of course, there are several points of supply along the route where you can buy food, but you will need to carry - for some sections of the trek - up to 4 days of food. We will provide you with the necessary information regarding all the resupplying points.

Each participant will have to come with his own equipment as well as his food, in order to be perfectly autonomous. During the hike, all participants must respect the instructions and the itinerary provided by their guide (s). As a general rule, the whole group will have to stay within sight of the guide (s). At the arrival of the stages, the bivouacs sports are free to choose, and the meals are prepared individually (except if there are other arrangements between some participants). All participants must commit to respect the environmental chart of the trek (in short: not to leave any trace of your passage – fires are prohibited, recovering of all waste in order to deposit them in suitable containers, respect the wildlife and flora, fishing in only authorized places, etc.)

For safety reasons, as well as conviviality and logistics, the number of participants for this trek will be limited to 20 people (+ 2 guides). The first ones to register will be the first ones served. However, in order to form a homogeneous group of hikers, adapted to the difficulties of this trek, the organizers reserve themselves the right to accept or refuse any candidates (according to their experience and their physical capacities).
If you want to register, you will need to fill in a pre-registration form. As soon as we have received your pre-registration, we will contact you by email to get to know you better.
A medical certificate proving that you can practice mountain hiking will be requested from each participant (this certificate may be in French, Norwegian or English).
The trek will be confirmed as soon as we reach 8 participants and the deadline for the confirmation or cancellation of the tour is 60 days before the start (May 2, 2019). Each participant will receive the confirmation or cancellation of the trek by email. In the event of a cancellation from our side, any deposit paid by the participants will be fully refunded.

Note: the trek was designed in eleven stages (11 days of walking) with an average of fifteen kilometres/day. Knowing the islands, we have planned two extra « security » days to overcome the various hazards that we might have to face (bad weather, injuries…). In the event that we do not encounter any particular impediments during the progression, the two additional days will be used to make extensions along the course (this means 13 hiking days in total). In this case, the extra day can also be used by a participant to rest.

The program, day by day (as an indication)

Day 1
The starting point is set in the town of Svolvær on day 1 (01/07/19). Transfer by bus to Sandsletta campsite in the end of the day, and night at the camping.

Day 2 - Stage 1 from Delp to Sandsletta
Transfer to Delp, starting point of the GCL. Hike and bivouac.

Day 3 - Stage 2 from Sandsletta to Svolvær
Hike and bivouac.

Day 4 - Stage 3 from Svolvær to Vikjorda
Randonnée. At the end of the walk, bus transfer to the hamlet of Vikjorda and bivouac.

Day 5 - Stage 4 from Vikjorda to the lac of Store Krenggårsvatnet
Hike and bivouac.

Day 6 - Stage 5 from Store Krenggårsvatnet to Napp
Hike and bivouac. Bus transfer from Leknes to Napp

Day7 - Stage 6 from Napp to Nusfjord
Randonnée et bivouac.

Day 8 - Stage 7 from Nusfjord to Fredvang
Hike and bivouac.

Day 9 - Stage 8 from Fredvang to Selfjord bay
Hike and bivouac.

Day 10 - Stage 9 from Selfjord bay to Forsfjord
Hike and bivouac.

Day 11 - Stage 10 from Forsfjord to Ågvatnet lake
Hike and bivouac.

Day 12 - Stage 11 from Ågvatnet to Stokkvika beach and back to Moskenes area
Hike. The trek ends close to Moskenes harbour

Day 13 - 1st extra “security” day
A day-hike, if weather conditions allow, and bivouac. Careful this day can be moved (inserted) at any time of trek, according to the climatic hazards (storm, etc.) or humans hazards.

Day 14 - 2nd extra “security” day
A day-hike, if weather conditions allow, and bivouac. Careful this day can be moved (inserted) at any time of trek, according to the climatic hazards (storm, etc.) or humans hazards.

Discover the exact route of the trek here


The price per person is 390 €

Our offer includes
- Guiding during 13 days (two guides for a group of twenty people)
- Private bus / minibus transfers from and between the various stages of the trek from day 1 to day 13
- Ferry from Kjerkfjord to Vindstad on stage 9
- Assistance to prepare the trek (list of equipment, list of clothing, information on the access to the start of the trek and answers to the various practical questions of each participants.

Does nor include
- Transports outside those included during the trek (mentioned above)
- The camping fee on day 1 (1 tent at campsite about xx € + hot shower 10 NOK / 5 minutes)
- Equipment (tent, down, stove, etc.)
- The food for the whole journey
- Any potential costs, not mentioned as included in the previous paragraph.


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