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 Tue Apr 16, 2024, 12:20 am
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Hei hei,

if the Corona situation remains stable, we're indeed hoping to do the long crossing in july. Preparations are going well and the doubts are slowly changing into joyful anticipation since the border will hopefully reopen on july 5th - all fingers crossed of cause. However two questions remain currently, if we just set aside all the uncertainties covid is causing:

1) what is the best opportunity to get to the norther trail-head i.e. Laukvika/Straumnes if we're arriving by public transport? We'll be arriving via Tromso and are planning to take the ferry to Harstadt and probably gonna continue via bus. At the moment we intend to ask the bus driver to drop us off at the E10/Fv888 crossing and than hike to Sandsletta camping. Hopefully someone there will be able to give us a ride to Straumnes the next morning where we can start the hike. Is this a valid assumption or has anyone other recommendations/experience?

2) Do you have any recommendations for an outdoor store in Leknes which is 100% selling expedition/freeze-dried food? This would of cause help to reduce the weight a little. In generell what would you advice on how many rations to carry along? Depending on the situation in Leknes we're currently plannig to take along 5-8 rations for each breakfast/dinner.

Thanks a lot in advance for any hints.

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Fri Jun 25, 2021, 6:37 pm


Here are some answers:

1) you can always try to hitch hike from Sandsletta, or ask any person staying at the camping and traveling by car if they are heading in that direction. Personally I have done this by foot a few times, but it sure make the first day of the "Great Crossing of the Lofoten Islands" much longer (about 8 km of asphalt road). If you are "diesel" engine, as I am, I actually like to start heating up by a long flat part, you can speed up gradually and then the very steep start up to Matmora, will not seem that hard. I don't know how fast you walk, but as you can leave your bags at the camping, I think it is about 1h20 min to the start of the hike.

2) I don't think there is a store selling only dried food, but you can find these product at all the sports shops, and especially at Skandinavisk in Svolvaer. Be aware that this type of product is more expensive in Norway then in the rest of Europe. It is maybe wise to have at least 3000 kcal/day (even more, because the crossing of the Lofoten is hard). I would add, dried fruits, raisins, energy bars, some chocolate (light but energetic food) in addition to your dried expedition food. Also, each time you are in a small town you can eat something else (buy normal food in the super markets).

You can get an idea of the prices of dried hiking food in the sports shop in Svolvaer here:

Hope this helps a little,

Have a nice crossing of the Lofoten!


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Tue Apr 16, 2013, 12:24 pm
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