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 Sat Mar 2, 2024, 2:54 pm
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Hello, apologies for may total lack of Norwegian!

I just have a couple of quick questions for anyone who may have some experience on the matter.

Myself and my friend will be on the Island of Moskenesoya at the end of May, we are doing a 5/6 day hike over some of the awesome mountains you have in this part of the world and was curious to know about two of the routes we are planning; firstly, Stokkvika to Stovta, possibly via Trolldalstinden and then the Grustinden ridge, is this possible without climbing gear?

Next Horseid beach to Hamnoya, via Segltinden/Rostadtinden/Lilandstinden, would a high level traverse be possible, or would you need to stay lower down.

Gutted we won't have ropes and climbing gear, but really looking forward to the trip regardless. Any feedback is more than appreciated.

All the best,


shuffling dosser
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Sun Jan 25, 2015, 2:41 pm

Hello Gavin,

I don’t like to be a joy killer, especially when it come to hiking but I think I unfortunately I have to cool you down on this project.

I know very well this area of Moskenes island, since I am living most of the year in Sorvagen, and I can confirm you that it is not possible to go from Stokkvika beach to Støvla (I guess it is what you meant by Stovta) through the route you are planning.

From Stokkvika you will manage to go all the way to Mengelsdalstinden and eventually to Smallidalstindan and a little bit further, but it is not possible to hike without equipment to “Grustinden ridge” and the all area around Ertenhelltinden. Even with the right equipment I have to warn you that in this place the mountain is literally falling apart so it is dangerous to climb there.

For the rest of your itinerary, it is possible to go from Horseid beach to Segltinden although not an easy walk. But it is not possible to walk from Segltinden to Rostadtindan (a local guy killed himself trying to do so some years ago). Finally it is possible (but a little risky) to climb to Lilandstinden from the E10 road.

A last thing I want to mention to you is that at the end of May there is normally still quite much snow and ice above 450m, so you should be especially careful about this.

There is still a lot of possibilities for nice and tough walks around Moskenes Island in this period of the year.

Be careful and good luck for your trip in the Lofoten

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Fri May 3, 2013, 5:06 am

Really appreciate the advise, it's incredibly helpful, and your right, we will have a great time regardless of whatever routes we take :D

all the best,


shuffling dosser
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Sun Jan 25, 2015, 2:41 pm
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