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 Mon Apr 22, 2024, 12:10 pm
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Hi there!! :D I don't know if I can write in English because my french is still low haha. I hope somebody could help me with my questions :D

First of all, I'm going to introduce myself: I'm Jose, from the south of Spain, but living in Madrid for work. I planned a trip to the Lofoten Islands with partner to the end of August, but recently, a few days ago my partner fails me so I'm going to do this trip by myself by the moment. I'm a bit worried for the same reason: Do this trip by my own, but I think it will be quite nice although.

So I started to do my itinerary a time ago, staring at the screen with tha maps of (still I do) and this my planning, which I would like somebody help me if it's nice or make changes in it:

I'm travelling 8 days to the Lofoten (22 August - 29 August), pretending to sleep in my tent all the nights and stop in one camping at least.

- 22 August: Reach to Lofoten by Ferry to Moskenes at 19h45. Walk to A (5km) and find a spot near to the mountain to pinch my tent.

- 23 August: Wake up early (7 a.m. more or less) and pick up my "camp". Walk to Reine (9,4 km) and hike the Reinebringen (3/4 hours round trip). Then, go to Reine, and buy any supplies I need (as water for example or food). Later, take the ferry to Kjerkfjorden at 15:00h from Reine. Once I reach to Kjerkfjorden, hike to Horseid beach (4,5 km) and find a spot to pinch my tent and pass the night over there. Duration: In total 6 or 7 hours more or less.

- 24 August: Wake up early (7 a.m. more or less) and pick up my "camp". Walk from Horseid to close of Kjerkfjorden to do this track: Kjerkfjorden - Selfjorden (7,3 km). And then, walk to Kvalvika beach (5 km) and camp over the beach. Duration: 8 or 9 hours more or less.

Alternative: Climb a bit the Ryten and spend the night near to the summit.

- 25 August: Wake up early (7 a.m. more or less) and pick up my "camp". Hike the Ryten from Kvalvika beach and come back for the other side of the mountain to reach to Fredvang. Once I get there, do hitchhiking to Leknes (If I have bad luck and nobody catch me on the road: Take the bus (18-742) from Fredvang (at 13:15h) to Leknes). Arrive Leknes (at 15:00h in bus) and buy supplies.Later, do again hitchhiking to Hagskaret and find over there, into the "wild", a spot to pinch my tent. Duration: In total 7 our 8 hours, including the way in car or bus.

Alternative: 1.Walk until Hagskaret from Leknes if nobody catch me on the road. 2. Hike a bit till Justadtinden and pass the night over there.

- 26 August: Wake up early (7 a.m. more or less) and pick up my "camp". Hike the Justadtinden, and then come back for the same path to reach to Vikjorden, passing through Kartstaven - Blatiden - Datsuva (19 km more or less). When I get to Vikjorden, find a spot to pinch my tent. Duration: Depends what choice I want, but I guess it will take 9 or 10 hours the long option, and the "short" one 7 or 8 hours.

Alternative: This is a long day, so I planned a few alternatives: 1. Don't hike then Justadtinden and do all the track: Kartstaven - Blatiden - Datsuva - Vikjorden. 2. Hike the Justadtinden and change the track: Justadtinden - Kartstaven - Blatinden - Burstranda and stay in the camping to pass the night over there, take a shower and charge batteries as well (This option gets me a lot indecisive because it looks nice). 3. If choose the last one option, the next it will be a rude also, beacuse the 29 of August I have to catch the ferry from Svolvaer to Bodo at 6:00 a.m., is a question of life catch that ferry, so I can't be delayed with the days and the itinerary).

- 27 August: Wake up early (7 a.m. more or less) and pick up my "camp". Walk from Vikjorden to Kleppstad and find a spot to pitch my tent around there. This track is which I have all my doubts and I would like somebody could help me: As I read in this page and the forum, I don't if it's allow pass the bridge to Kleppstad walking. In that case, I would have to do hitchhiking or in the worst case, take a bus to Kleppstad. Duration: In total 5 or 6 hours.

Alternative: If the day before I spend the night in the camping of Burstranda, walk from Burstranda - Vikjorden - Kleppstad.

- 28 August: Wake up early (7 a.m. more or less) and pick up my "camp". Walk from Kleppstad to Olderfjorden and reach to Svolvaer at the evening, 18:00 more or less, to find the port and buy any supplies. Duraiton: 7 or 8 hours.

Alternative: No one, I have to be in Svolvaer this day yes or yes, to catch the ferry the next day.

- 29 August: Take the ferry at 6:00 a.m. and reach to Bodo at 10:00 a.m. and then catch the train to Oslo at 12:15h.Come back to the real life.

And this is all I got planned for the trip. As you can see, I have everything more or less planned with every details, but I would like somebody could help with the itinerary or make a suggest to introduce in it. If somebody need a map to see the route I describe just let a message and I will put it :D

By the way, if anyone are coming to Lofoten at the same dates that me I'll be very open minded to meet each other and make some part of the trail together as well!!

Hope to hear somebody soon, thank you so much!!


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Wed Jun 11, 2014, 6:25 pm

Hi Jose,

No pb to use English in the forum... :D

Your project seems good to me.

I would maybe not camp the first night in A, since it make a long walk next morning to reach Reine (about 12km)...

There is space for tents around the lake in Sorvagen village.

The hike up to Reinebringen (it is not really a hike, it is one climb up to a view point) is nothing really special for me, to many people have been walking there, so the track is no longer a nice small track, but it looks like if the mountain has been ploughed. The hike is just one steep way up and then you have a view on the village of Reine and some of the fjord. This is about the only walk that is recommended by the local tourist offices (with Munkan), which is a pity, there are so many other nice walks on Moskenesoya.

You can get a much nicer view of the Reine-fjords from Helvete (, or from Brunakseltinden (a walk you can do from Vinstad - you will then need to take a boat from Reine – you can see it here (only in French for the moment):

The rest of your trip seems nice, and you will probably get some good advice from other people passing by the forum.

Enjoy the hikes in the Lofoten Islands!


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Tue Apr 16, 2013, 12:24 pm

Thank you a lot Magdalena!! :D It was very helpfull your advices. Indeed, I was seeing the track for Helvete and as you said, there's more beatiful sights from Helvete than Reinebringen haha. So, I change my planning and I'm going to camp if it's possible near to Helvete the day I reach at Moskenes and the next do the rest of the hike and come back to Reine.

Thank you again a lot Magdalena! I'm sure that it's gonna be a wonderful trip and I'll bring with me a few amazing photos :D

Best wishes for you,


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Wed Jun 11, 2014, 6:25 pm
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