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 Thu Mar 23, 2023, 1:13 pm
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Hello, my name is Ben, I am from San Francisco, California. First, I want to say, thanks for putting together this site! It's been very helpful for my trip in Norway. I am about to get to the Lofoten Islands today and I see you have many, many hikes on your website, I cannot even choose! Would you guys have any recommendations (your top 3-5 choices) for hikes in April weather? I am interested in Veinestinden but cannot find any data on attempts in snow.

I am physically in good hiking shape, I have done a many multi-day backpacking trips in the Sierra Nevada.

Thanks! :D

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Fri Mar 31, 2017, 7:02 am

Hi Ben,

Let us be honest with you, April is not the best season to hike! If you don’t have snow gears (snowshoes, ice crampons, etc.) you will have to choose your walks, depending of the actual snow cover. Before arriving to the Lofoten, you can check the snow cover by looking at the webcams on the site home page (images are updated every 40min).

Actually there is still quite much snow on the mountains (over 150m altitudes), so it would be safe to keep to the easy walks describe on the site (level of difficulty = easy).

Veinestinden, although it is a very nice hike, is not an easy one. If there is snow, (as there is now) because of the steep slop you will have to cross, the risk of avalanche is high!

If you want to do some nice longer walks, (where you will have a interesting view from the top) but which are not to dangerous, in addition to the “Easy” one I will recommend you the following hikes:



Ryten (Kvalvika)


Håheia (on Værøya)

In order to enjoy those walks you will probably need a pair of snowshoes.

Have a safe trip in the Lofoten and look at the weather forecast before each walks.

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Fri May 3, 2013, 5:06 am
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