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 Wed Apr 24, 2024, 9:32 pm
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This is my first post on this forum, so please let me know if I am outside the protocol in any way. My daughter and I are planning a hike in early June this year, starting on the first or second of June. We are experienced hikers, but no climbing or snowshoeing experience. I found this hike, on your site, which looks like exactly what we would like to do: The first stage reaches a max elevation of 800M. All the others are less than 550M except the tenth stage which is also about 800M. My questions are:

1) Is the snow likely sufficiently melted by that time to be able to hike with regular hiking boots and poles?

2) Are buses operative at that time to be able to get to the starting point at Delp, the handful of road sections?

3) Does the MS Fjordskyss boat from Kjerkfjorden to Forsfjorden normally run around the 10th of June?

4) Any other guidance or alternative trek plans from the one I found would be appreciated.

Thank you. Jack (from Atlanta, GA, USA)


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Mon Mar 27, 2017, 1:38 pm

Hei Jack,

Here are some rapid answers

1) In early June the snow will have normally melted everywhere under 500m. So it should not be such a problem for you with good summer hiking equipment. In some shady places or deep valley you might still find some snow at a lower altitude. My opinion is that there is only one place of this trek which can still be dangerous in that season and it is the second stage of the hike ( Stage N°2 – Sandsletta/Svolvaer). There is a risky passage in between lake Botnvatnet and Lake Svartvatnet. The path crosses a place with a strong slope over the Svartvatnet Lake. If there is still snow on the path it is wise not to go there. The problem is that this part is at the end of the stage 2, so if you find snow there, you will have to come back to the starting point of this stage :cry: ;-)

2) Yes, but there are not many of them. You will find the all the schedule at the bottom of the page in the paragraph “Get to the starting point of the stage 1 : Delp”.

3) Yes the MS Fjordskyss run all year. You will find the schedule on this site

4) If you notice when you come to the Islands this summer that there is still much snow on the tops, you can start the trek directly from stage 3 or 4 (hamlet of Vikjorda).

I will suggest you to come in contact though this forum with other hikers who have already done the trek. Those two French guys for example might help you (if they speak english :D ) But there are other posts on this forum of people who have done “The long crossing from north to south”.

Hope this post can help you.

Have a nice and safe trip to the Lofoten Islands

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Fri May 3, 2013, 5:06 am


Thank you very much for the very helpful information. We will heed your advice with respect to the second stage. I'll check out link which you sent.



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Mon Mar 27, 2017, 1:38 pm
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