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 Sun Oct 1, 2023, 9:18 pm
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Hey David, Magdalena, and anyone else with experience hiking in Lofoten. In follow-up to my last post (, below is a draft 5-day hiking itinerary for my trip to Lofoten in late July. My goals are 1) to take some beautiful pictures of the mountains around Moskenes, and 2) to get in some great hiking on routes that may be challenging, but not too dangerous. Let me know if this itinerary sounds reasonable logistically, and if you have any suggestions for changes:

  • Monday (Day 1): Hike Helvete. Camp near the top of Helvete.
  • Tuesday (Day 2): Hike back from Helvete. Take ferry to Vindstad. Hike Vindstad to Hermannsdalen or Brunakseltinden/Bunes Beach. Any thoughts on whether Hermannsdalen or Brunakseltinden/Bunes Beach is the better photographic option?
  • Wednesday (Day 3): Hike back to Vindstad. Ferry back to Reine. Drive to base of Gylttinden hike. Hike up to Gylttinden. Camp near Gylttinden.
  • Thursday (Day 4): Hike to Munkebu Hut and around Munkan. Camp near Munkan.
  • Friday (Day 5): Hike back to the base of the Gylttinden/Munkan hike. Drive back to Reine.



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Mon Jan 18, 2016, 5:17 am

Hei Ari,

Day1 : It is a very nice hike, challenging but not dangerous. You will find many nice places to set up your camp there. It is a very nice spot to watch the midnight sun, although the sun might disapeer some minutes behind peaks depending of the date you will be up there.

Day2 : Hermannsdalen is a very nice and wild place and also a fantastic camping spot, but it is mainely a valley so you will have less panoramic view (except when you cross the path close to Hatinden-554m) than if you climb on the top of Brunakseltinden. Bunes is a very nice beach that is very easy to access. So you should maybe make your choice when you are there, depending of the time you have and the weather you get. If you want to enjoy beautiful nature and nice valley and lakes you should choose Hermannsdalen, if you want to see a great panoramic view you should choose Brunakseltinden, and if the weather is not very nice and you don’t have much time you can choose Bunes beach.

Day 3 : Gylttinden is a nice place to climb but, there is not much flatt ground on the top to set up a tent ;-) of course if the weather is nice you can sleep somewhere on the grass at the summit. To set up your tent on a flatt place, you will have to walk down to the pass between Gylttinden and Merraflestinden (537m).

Day4 : No coment

Day5 : You have different possibilities to walk down from Munkan, but the best way to get nice open views is probably the way which goes on the south side of Merraflestinden and cross the small plateau of Kjolen to the point 429m.

Have a nice trip in the Lofoten

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Fri May 3, 2013, 5:06 am
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